About Us

Go and Write! with Dr. Gerard Collins and Jane Simpson

Authors and tour administrators Janie and Gerard in front of Irish castle
Janie and Gerard checking out a future retreat venue, fall 2022.

Award-winning Newfoundland author Gerard Collins, who now lives in New Brunswick, and Jane Simpson, also an award-winning New Brunswick author, offer creative writing retreats for those who find inspiration in travel.

In advance of our retreats, you’re invited to submit a piece of writing on which Gerard prepares written commentary before we go. During the retreat, we’ll enjoy inspiring writing sessions and group discussions, share magical evening readings, and get focused with stretches of dedicated, quiet writing time. Jane arranges our accommodations, coaches, and tours from knowledgeable, local guides, and she helps ensure things run smoothly.

Together, Gerard and Jane strive to find you inspiring accommodations, the time and space in which to write, and opportunities for you to experience local culture, everywhere they go.

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Travelling with us

Thanks so much for your interest in joining us for a Go and Write! adventure. Our adventures offer exceptional opportunities, but they are not without risks, rules, liabilities and dangers.

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