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Our 2023 retreats

“O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?”

When the English Romantic poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley, wrote that line, he expressed the eternal optimism of the human spirit, that spark of hope that keeps us leaning forward to the next great adventure in our lives. For us, that next adventure was England, homeland of a slew of the world’s greatest writers.

For the first time, we brought Go and Write! to England on an adventure to awaken our creative souls, sweeping from venerable London to the iconic Cotswolds: a perfect combo to be inspired by greatness and reconnect with our literary selves.

Writing on the back porch of the Kingsbrae estate.
Writing on the back porch of the Kingsbrae estate

Write after Labour Day, Kingsbrae Estate, September 5-12, 2023*


Just as the kids are going back to school, we’re settling in to get focused on our writing for a week. Come along!

Retreat to the Highlands, Scotland, November 19-28, 2023

Old Man of Storr, on the Isle of Skye
Old Man of Storr, one of our stops on our visit to the Isle of Skye

After much demand, we’re returning to Scotland. And this time, we’re going to the Highlands. Join us this November for an intimate and focused 10-day retreat.

Ireland in the Christmas Season, December 3-16, 2023

Join us in Ireland this December! Christmastime in the Old Country is every bit as beautiful as you’d think.