Writing retreats created by writers, for writers, with a thoughtful blend of touring, social time, and dedicated alone time to focus on your writing.


Go and Write! with Dr. Gerard Collins and Jane Simpson, professional, award-winning authors based in New Brunswick, Canada. Our participants include emerging and published writers of all genres—poets, dramatists, children’s authors, memoirists, and more—as well as their friends, family and spouses.

Every retreat, whether we’re at a historic estate in Atlantic Canada, a castle in Scotland or Ireland, a manor house in England, or a villa in Italy, delivers a unique, life-changing experience and creates new friendships. We hope you’ll join us on our next adventure.


We’re actively working on our 2024 lineup and will be announcing these retreats as we get each one finalized, so sign up for our newsletter to be in the know early!

Go and Write! retreats still to come in 2023

Write after Labour Day: Kingsbrae Estate, September 2023

Each writer has their own private writing studio on the grounds as well as a private bedroom and bathroom in the Kingsbrae historic estate

Time to get focused! Join us for this back-to-the-studio, small group retreat in St. Andrews by-the-Sea, New Brunswick, Canada. Very limited spaces.

Retreat to the Highlands: Scotland, November 2023

Old Man of Storr, on the Isle of Skye
Old Man of Storr, one of our stops on our visit to the Isle of Skye

After much demand, we’re returning to Scotland in November. And this time, we’re going to the Highlands.

Join us on this intimate 10-day retreat!

Christmastime in the Old Country: Ireland December 3-16, 2023

Celebrate the season in Ireland with us on this 14-day writing retreat, December 2023. You can find the details here, or contact us with questions.

Check out our entire 2023 retreat schedule.



The mix of travel and writing made this a truly special trip. Gerard’s keen insights are invaluable to writers. Even if it is a cliché, this was the experience of a lifetime.


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